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Hilltown Partnership Update: July 2014

June 30, 2014

With eleven team Leaders at work, there is a lot going on in The Partnership. On June 8, 2014, the Opportunity Fair recruited three new volunteers from the congregation for the Partnership and there will be more opportunities. In summary, these are some June results from the first year of activity:

  1. The cities of Oak Point and Little Elm have joined Little Elm School District and Denton County in an agreement to proceed with two safe bus stops. (Yes, TWO!) After ten months of discussion and good will all around, jurisdictions are to be exchanged with hearings and voting yet to come. Please recall that this was the residents’ first priority and got action because of the Partnership’s efforts.

  2. The Little Elm ISD program for learning English will have openings in August without a waiting list. Beginners have sometimes had to wait a year in the past. The Little Elm Library program continues with our three volunteer teachers making advanced classes possible.

  3. A “steering committee” has been formed to make decisions representing the Partnership. This is huge because it truly means doing with rather than doing for. David Leach represents Oak Grove UMC. There was a beautiful array of desserts provided by the Ladies Share Group (many thanks) for the meeting on June 19, 2014, of the Hilltown Partnership. The meeting was poorly attended for reasons unknown (perhaps a traffic back-up to Cross Oaks and a storm warning?), but it was great to have the Oak Point Mayor and Mrs. Wohlitz in attendance, as well as Pastor Carlos Avalos of the Comino de Vida UMC of Lewisville discussing his church’s having taken responsibility for helping Maria rebuild her house following the fire. Many topics were covered, including an upcoming (July 26) Immunization Clinic and Fall 2014 animal clinic.

~ Rosalie Stepp

John 3:16

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