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A Name, A Study

June 7, 2017

This summer, at the church, I will be leading a lesson/devotional based on the book 100 Names of God by Christopher Hudson. I have wanted to do this study for a while now. I have lived with what I feel is a very normal name, but I have discovered, when I use my full name, people have a very, very difficult time with it. Sometimes that is a blessing – especially when it is someone trying to sell me something over the phone. Other times it is not. Other times people have many bizarre ways to pronounce my name. People would ask me what name I preferred to go by and I would usually say, “It does not matter.” A good friend told me your name does matter – it is who you are. It says something about you. Well, there must be 1,000’s of Donna’s in the world. How can one Donna mean something different than another?

Donna means lady. But Donna is the feminine form of Donald. Donald means (from the Gaelic name Domhnall) “ruler of the world”. Now we are getting somewhere. I would love to be ruler of the world – well at least my portion of the world. This is where my name sets me apart from all the other Donna’s. My world is uniquely mine.

Another twist to all of that is my whole name is Donna Lea. Lea comes from the Hebrew, Leah, which means mistress or ruler as well. So when my parents put my name together they really meant for me to be a ruler. This understanding helps me to realize, names matter. They do say something about you.

Over a year ago, I found the Book 100 Names of God. Because I read an English translation, I miss the subtle messages the Scriptures reveal in their original language. I recently came across an article (Click Here for the link) that talked about God’s name. It made me wonder again about how amazing our God is and how His name is proclaimed by each of us. So I wanted to think about it some more. That is how the “Seeds of Faith” study begins.

“Seeds” of Faith
Looking for a quick, thought provoking lesson to begin your week? Join us for the summer series “Seeds” of Faith beginning Sun. June 11 from
9 – 9:30 am. Please bring a Bible.
This lesson/devotional is based on the book 100 Names of God by Christopher Hudson. A copy of that book is not necessary for the study.


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