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Annual Conference 2017

June 7, 2017

We have completed another Annual Conference. It was a wonderful and blessed time of worship, conference business and inspiration. Every time I attend I plan to take pictures and write notes each day but I always get wrapped up in the moment and forget. my paper remains blank, my pen hanging lifeless in the air. Then the moment is past and I come back to reality and realize I forgot to record anything. 

Conference began on Sunday with opening worship. Now that I look back I cannot remember many of the details, but I remember how it felt. children, youth and adults came together to provide the most holy music and sang hymns of the faith which left you shivering with the Holy Spirit. The sermon was thought provoking and inspirational. we commissioned young adults from Project Transformation, Lydia Patterson, C2K and many more. Just seeing so many young people living out a calling to serve was amazing. (I did take a picture of that, see church’s Facebook page.)

On Monday, sessions began with a time of worship and baptism. We also had some excellent speakers. On Tuesday, we also had excellent speakers and voted on legislation, both from our conference and from our General Conference. We ended our time together with a service of Holy Communion and setting of the appointments.



The Theme was a New Creation. Many of the speakers talked about Christians liking the things that were done in the past and in order to forge a new creation of the church and the people of God, we need to be bold and intentional in inviting people into an authentic relationship with Christ. We need to look toward new and innovative ideas even if a few fail, we must keep trying.  People need to know what our vision is as the church to give generously. People want to support people and opportunities, which helps them find an authentic relationship with Christ.

Overall it was a good conference, with good ideas and many people who love Christ. What will we do in the coming year as a conference and as a congregation to bring about a new creation? 

If you would like to see the legislation passed or read the reports from many wonderful agencies – click here

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