Common Questions

New to Oak Grove United Methodist Church?

Here are some common questions we get about our Church.

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What if I or a family member has special needs?

A: Persons with special needs are welcomed in all activities of our church. If someone in your family has special needs, feel free to contact the Pastor and learn about how our church welcomes you.

What should I wear?

A: You will find a wide variety of clothing at Oak Grove UMC ranging from blue jeans, boots, and flip flops, to suits and dresses. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

What type of music do you sing during services?

A: We sing a variety of music from old favorites to new songs. We have a wonderful pianist and occasionally a guitarist leading us as we sing

What if I have small children to bring to Sunday morning services?

A: Children of all ages are welcome in our worship service. There are children’s notebooks and rocking chairs provided. For parents who prefer, we offer a nursery for infants through preschool age. Some children stay in worship until after the Children’s Time and then go to the nursery.

Will I be asked to introduce myself or be singled out as a guest?

A: We strive to make each guest welcome at Oak Grove UMC, but we do not publicly single out our guests. Chances are, you will be greeted by several members of the church who keep an eye out for new faces and seek to make guests feel welcomed. We are intentional about giving clear directions for following along with our service.